Chia is an innovative new cryptocurrency that leverages proofs of space and time to validate transactions and keep the blockchain secure. Chia farming requires relatively little computational power, mitigating one of the biggest criticisms of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin: that mining is hugely wasteful of electricity.

Chia does however require large amounts of disk storage space. Professional Chia farmers need to invest in a full-blown Chia farming rigs made up of several hundred large capacity disks. The Chia network is already very large and any investments in hardware are unlikely to result in profits for the novice farmer. …

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Traffic mirroring is a useful tool for debugging protocol level issues. It’s particularly useful for network elements which may have limited logging or other tooling that could be used for troubleshooting. Traditionally, traffic mirroring was performed by a technique called Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) at the physical switch. In this case, the switch copies network traffic from certain ports or VLANs to another port where the traffic can be inspected. However, as network equipment evolves into software running on cloud hosts, i.e. network function virtualization, we are faced with a challenge: how do we mirror traffic when we have limited…

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Generic Routing Encapsulation is an extremely basic tunneling protocol, but its simplicity can also cause confusion. The first question firewall engineers ask me when we’re debugging a GRE tunnel: What port number does it use? Like ICMP, GRE has no concept of ports — well, not exactly. In this article, I give an overview of the GRE protocol structure, show you how to build GRE tunnels in Linux, and explain why GRE doesn’t use ports.

The GRE protocol is getting close to 20 years old but continues to be a valuable addition to the network engineer’s tool belt. Part of…

David Waiting

High-performance cloud computing and Kubernetes enthusiast

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